Sunday, May 29, 2011

Words spoken by my brother like junior during my convocation in October 2010.

We shared a lot of similarities as stated in the sentences below as We gone through the moments of joys, sorrows, tears, thrills, and excitements since we knew each other. I just managed to retrieve it from the message inbox of my hand phone, wanted to share it with all my friends. These sentences touches me the most, I never expect to receive such words from my friend. It really suprised the hell out of me. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing you as one of the most valuable player (MVP) in various clubs and societies of UPM. You have been more than the ideal student. You have demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of purpose besides fulfilling all the requirements with the added challenge of honours. And knowing you, you will not fail, and will exceed my expectations since your lecturers, peers and I will always hold you in the highest esteem. Thanks a lot, Shawn Keng Teck Ee.

Words from Teck Ee

"Thanks for being there in my 1st semester as my role model. You were there to give me STATUS and fame, as seniors and fascilitator see the similarities we share. We met the first time over blok D wing at the water dispenser.

Thanks for being there during my 2nd semester as my mentor. You have given SUPPORT in organization, communication, management and leadership skills. We worked together during lantern festival, faculty annual gala night and even MPP/MTM.(Students' Representative Council/ Supreme Council of College)

Thanks for being there during my 3rd semester as my adventurist. You SHARE your experiences, stories, cold jokes, glamour and fame, favourite food place and of course your PROTON car. Thanks for never hesitating to give and none in return.

Thanks for being there during my 4th semester as my brother like senior. You have given me a SHOULDER to cry on, when all things seem down to me. You never angered but remain hopeful on me. You respect the choices I made though not to your expectation.

Thanks for being my SENIOR since my first year. Though course and background may be different, we shared a bond and changed each others’ lives, in words beyond describe. We may live in different worlds now, but remember I will cherish you and how you made my life in UPM worthwhile for the past 2 years. Thank you, Shawn."