Friday, September 25, 2009

School isn't that bad after all....

School isn’t that bad after all

“I hate my school”. Honestly, how many times have you heard this coming from a frustrated student, tired of the huge white building we call school and just about everything in it? It comes as no surprise that at some point of a student’s life, he or she will feel immense resentment for school rules, exam pressure, stern teachers, mountain-like piles of homework, and every other challenge that a student must face in school if they intend to survive it until adulthood. However, having been a part of a particular school named Sam Tet for almost a decade, I beg to differ. In fact, it is right here in these four walls that I have formed the most vivid and probably the most lasting memories in all the twenty two years of life.

Imagine this: you are shaken several hours earlier than you would have liked. Leaving the comfortable warmth of your bed, you go through a daily morning routine, almost robot-like thanks to your annoying lack of sleep, before you are hustled into a bus and brought to school. As you trudge grumpily to school with your eyelids weighing heavily over your eyes, you are immediately greeted with glowing smiles from your friends, your spirits lift and your heart goes a flutter as you sigh with blissful happiness…. Maybe that was a tad exaggerated, but it is extremely comforting to see a couple of smiles thrown at you as you drag yourself to school, or when you have received bad marks for your exams and dread the consequences when you reach home. Furthermore, having transformed from an obedient tell-my-parents-everything boy to a secretive teenager, I find that there are a few topics I cannot always discuss with my parents as well as some secrets that I cannot reveal to them. This is where my friends come in, lending an ear as well as giving useful opinions which I certainly would not have thought of myself and for which I am grateful for.

School is often described as a type of prison, with its four walls closing in on helpless students who are given so little freedom that they are on the verge of suffocation. School rules are no stranger to any student at all, each school has its own set of rules which every student is expected to obey without question. Naturally many students consider obeying rules to be a hassle as most school rules are deemed to be too strict and unreasonable. Although some students may feel that their lives would be better off without rules, I shudder to think of what the school would become without it. Although I am not always in total agreement to school rules, I have realized that it is an effective way to discipline myself as I begin to understand that some mannerisms cannot be tolerated in certain places.

Perhaps the worst fears of a student during their days at school would be the cold and seemingly merciless teachers that enter their classrooms to teach everyday. As a particularly strict teacher enters the class, each student ducks their head, avoiding her gaze, from time to time he steals glances at the clock, wishing time to go twice as fast. Any student unfortunate enough to bring up their teacher’s wrath has to stand meekly in front of the whole class as he is being lectured, wishing the earth will open and swallow them up. But is this true description of a teacher? Someone who is cold, cruel, and unforgiving? Teachers are humans too, after all, and therefore must have a softer side in them. Perhaps students have lived too long in fear to realize that their teachers are always there for them when they face problems, helping and guiding them through their school days. I have come to fully appreciate my teachers for constantly coming to my aid, assisting me when I need them. After many years of school, I realized that it was in fact my teachers who have moulded me into the person I am today.

School life can be hard sometimes. After all, one can hardly expect it to be all frills and fancies all the way. Naturally every challenge would usually be accompanied by the usual ‘it’s for your own good’ lecture, but if students were open, they would realize that most of them ring true. After all, the purpose of going to school is to prepare us for the time we shall leave our comfortable cocoon and enter the cold, cruel world. Any glitches along the way will only serve to mould us into stronger, more independent characters. After reading this composition, do you really think school is that bad after all?

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