Monday, January 3, 2011

When you will take a rest?

" Shawn, when u will take a rest?",

a question always asked by my good friends. And i answered them, "I will when i fall sick". Sarcastic indeed. Again this question was asked by someone who is quite special for me a few days ago. He was my friend who always came to my side when i am in need. It was a long time since we kept in touch before. The very question he lauded at me was "Why your facial appearance became so exhausted?", even though i was very happy and relaxed that time.

In fact, he is a Chinese Medicinal Sinseh graduated from China. He said that if i do not take enough rest regularly, my life span would have shorten. He even said that i should even change my personality of over-responsible and helpfulness for the wellness of myself in the future. My friend, did you think that i choose to be like that? Because of my surroundings i became this. It was destined to be like that. In fact,he predicted that i will fall sick this week due to exhaustiveness. His words were true, dizziness felt from all over my body today since i wake up this morning.Perhaps i should go back early today.

In my humble opinion, i don't care what will happen in the future as we are not the wise, i will still remain to be myself in all my undertakings. Perhaps i should take good care of myself more often by working in a slower pace. But, what to do? So many expectations around. So, i will do my best no matter what happens, let our God to do the rest.

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