Friday, October 9, 2009

Heart Break

We were friends,
We were once happy,
What shall I compare thee to?
Certainly not the summer’s day of Sonnet 18!

We all have options,
To stand our ground or compromise,
To save or to waste,
To confront or to turn the other way,
To remember or to forget.

Shall I confront thee?
Or to turn away like I used to?
No! That is it !
I shall confront thee and be true!

Strong wind gusting through yet nothing changes,
Tiredness wells in my heart, for our day is done.
Only God know what lies,
In your whispering heart !!

Pretending not to know…
Pretending not to see…
Seeking peace and tranquility,
As heartbreak wells in me.
To my wind,
To my body,
And to my soul,
For thee my friend,
Take care… take care.

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