Friday, June 17, 2011

Nostalgic again when watching sunset alone at Putrajaya

Came to my favourite place for jogging again, the straight-long road at Putrajaya stretching from Putra Square in front of the Prime Minister’s Department until Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), then ran back to the place I parked my car. It was a normal routine for me to stop by the lakeside near the Malaysian Treasury building, lying down restlessly on the soft whizzing grasses, enjoyed watching the sunset alone as I did few times before whenever I was having some disturbances in my hearts of hearts while nobody was there to comfort my disturbed heart.

Not thinking of anything, the gentle wind come, sweeping away my tiredness, wipe away my profuse sweat, sobering my pounding hearts after jogging for almost an hour there. The giggling of cicadas, chirping of birds and breezing of wind were like a gigantic orchestra performing life before my eyes freely. All these provide some sobering effects to my mind and soul. Thanks a lot, the creation of the Almighty of this wonderful nature.

A lovely couple came by, asking my help to take their intimate photos beside the lake where I was watching the sunset. Luckily it was not my first time to hold DSLR. If not, it will be shameful on me. I envied them so much, being so close and intimate by teasing each other ceaselessly. Since then, my mind flashed back to the time when I was still in the 2nd year of my undergraduate studies, holding the post of students’ representative of UPM. I remembered that I missed the opportunity of establishing a relationship with my close friend as I was quite busy in my work as a student leader, looking after people’s welfare and actively involving in other clubs while focusing in my studies the same time. I felt awfully regretful on her as she was a good one. Luckily she got a good one with her now, to ease my pain of disappointing her. Nevertheless, we are still good friends now.

I remember when I was studying in form six in 2004/2005 where I was also busy involving in many extra-curricular activities even though it was a tough time to balance it with academic. Form six was really not easy. The relationship among my classmates were quite good as we had wonderful time with each other in many occasions such as sixth form night talent competition, graduation dinner, gatherings, to name a few. It was a surprise for me when they celebrated my birthday by giving me a special present with many wishes written on small pieces of paper by all my classmates, being inserted into the bottle containing a lovely bear. I didn’t make effort to read those written wishes one by one that time due to the same excuse, busy. I managed to read those wishes after some time. Then only I found that one of my close friends uttered her feeling out. It was too late for me as even though she was at the same university with me, working together in the same society. Hearsay told me that she was going to start a relationship with one of my friend. They have a good relationship until now. I am happy to see that. Yet, I regretted of sparing some important ones beside me. Tears blinded my eyes. I missed many things in my life, a sin which is not easily forgiven for me. I do think that there is still hope beyond the rich tapestry of our life. Long road ahead.

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  1. it is a nice sharing. anyway, everyone had own past just look forward ya~ a bright future and other important things are waiting for you to explore..