Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nostalgic whenever I am back to my secondary school

Back to my Alma Mater, Sam Tet School again. Don't know why, it was a normal routine for me just to drop by and have a look and walk around there whenever I am back to hometown. If it is during weekdays, i will definitely look for my beloved teachers who are close with me for a chat, giggling on those recent updates about happenings in my school whenever I was not around. It was weekend yesterday, so it was so quiet and serene, not even a ghost could be seen there (over a bit).

Sitting at the iron bench, looking at the field. No one was there. It made me to recalled back to the time when I was still a secondary student, being actively involved in co-curricular activities. During those time, it was normal to see us sworn around the school field, marched under the hot sun in the afternoon, playing football with our friends after co-curricular activities, or listening to the songs played by our school band. Many of us will stay until evening then only we will go back on Saturday. Some of us even come on Sunday. It was the climax of the glory of student's activities in the school that time as all uniform bodies were competing each other to help in nurturing top student leaders for the country.

But those scenes couldn't be seen in my school or perhaps all other schools now. It was so silent, serene and tranquil until I thought I was at a God forsaken place perhaps. What happened to our younger generations now? So many silly excuses given by their so-called caring parents to deter their child from actively involving in co-curricular activities by staying at the school until late hours. They wanted to let their child to have more time for tuition indeed. For me, they pampered their child lavishly until they became spoilt brat, became so unsociable, not having enough soft and hard skills for future challenges. They will spend more time sitting in front of their desktop, playing computer games, watching unhealthy movies, or indulging in Facebook. It is an unhealthy phenomenon now. The parents are too protective, restrictive, and objective in pointing their fingers to others like the school when their child is having problem. Our society is sick now. The parents are destroying their own younger generations now, especially those born after 1990s. Most students like to loiter around in the shopping complexes rather than indulging in healthy activities at school. It is always better late than never, trying to save our younger generations at an early stage before it infect our society in future.

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  1. Yeah agree with you, most of the parents nowadays just want their children to get straight As. Their life is bombarded with tuition, study and branded stuffs. They're pampered to become materialistic and not creative. Anyhow, we have to educate the children in a correct way when we become one of the parents lol